Premium Puppy / Junior

A complete and well-balanced puppy-food with natural ingredients, which is the basis of a healthy development of your pup and supports a steady growth. The food can be used already from the age of three weeks.

Composition of the food: corn (processed and without wheat), vegetable by-products, meat and animal by-products, oil and fat, sugar and minerals.

Feeding guidelines per day voor puppies and young dogs.
Adult dog body weightAge per month
 < 2* 2 – 4 *4 – 6 ** 6 – 99 – 12
1 – 3 kg 60 gr. 55 gr. 45 gr.40 gr.35 gr.
3 – 10 kg 55 gr. 45 gr.40 gr.35 gr.25 gr.
10 – 20 kg 45 gr. 35 gr. 25 gr.25 gr.20 gr.
20 – 35 kg 40 gr. 35 gr. 25 gr.20 gr.20 gr.
> 35 kg 40 gr.40 gr. 30 gr.20 gr.20 gr.
Per kg of current body weight
* spread over 4 meals a day
** spread over 3 meals a day
Ensure that fresh water is always available.
Nutritional additives
E4 (Copper)5.5 mg/kg
E8 (Selenium)0.1 mg/kg
E2 (Iodine)2.0 mg/kg
E5 (Manganese)33 mg/kg
E1 (Iron)100 mg/kg
E6 (Zinc)50 mg/kg
E672 (Vitamine A)260000 IE/kg
E671 (Vitamine D3)1500 IE/kg
Vitamine E210 mg/kg
Lysine16 gr/kg
Methionine8.1 gr/kg
Cystine2.2 gr/kg
Tryptofaan2.2 gr/kg
Threonine8.8 gr/kg
Technical additives
E562 Sepioliet19.95 gr/kg
E304 Antioxidanten0.5 gr/kg
Analytical components:
Crude prot.27%
Crude fat16%
Crude fibre1.1%
Crude ash7.5%


Barca Premium consists of high-quality sources of protein, which not only provide a perfect balance of amino acid, but also a lovely taste your dog will love.


High digestibility Barca Premium is developed especially to offer high digestible food. This means that your dog takes in more essential nutrients, your dog needs less food and Barca food reduces the amount of faeces.


Barca Premium is healthy food, and does not contain artificial flavours and colours or other chemical food additives.


Barca Premium is one of the few dog food that makes sure your dog has solid faeces. In addition, the faeces shows the state of fitness your dog is in.


Barca Premium supports your dog to be in tiptop condition. Work- and sport dogs that need to perform on a high level to achieve goals and maybe even experience stress will be pleased with Barca Premium.
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